Over the years Olivotto Glass Technologies has introduced innovative technology to the production of hollow glass, with particular specialization in the application of electronic automatic control systems. It has now produced an Automated Packaging Line.

Compared to traditional one product packaging lines the OGT automatic packaging line has been designed to work with various types of product (stemwares and tumblers) in a wide range of sizes and shapes.
The line was conceived to optimize job changeover times to accommodate different product runs and box sizes.

The immediate advantages of the Automatic packaging line to the client are obvious: operating costs have been cut by reducing changeover times; maintenance times have been cut by simplifying the machines, the cold-end now needs only one operator/supervisor, buffer areas can be used to minimize production losses.
The reliability, flexibility and predictability of the machinery with the minimum of maintenance and supervision will enable it to be incorporated into automated factory systems.

OGT approach to automation made the Automatic packaging line “fitter-friendly” while being at the same time high-tech.The overall result is a simple user-friendly production line with a degree of ruggedness which reduces down-time and translates into high levels of acceptability by operators.

The new automatic packaging line expand Olivotto Glass Technologies range of products and provide entire turnkey systems for final customer projects.


For more information: info@olivotto.it