• Tumblers
  • Stemware (sealing and stretching)
  • Vases


Process press-blow-blow rotating parison
Stemware process direct sealing on the PBB machine
Configurations 6 sections
Gob weight max 5 kg
Gob feeding by feeder
Working rings inner diameter type A max 100 mm
type B max 130 mm
type C max 180 mm
Working tables openable in 3 parts
Inner size of blow mould holders max 260 mm
Take-out automatic, gripper type
Article diameter max 230
Mechanical speed max 24 pcs/min
Production speed* tumblers up to 20 pcs/min
stemware 10-15 pcs/min
vases 8-12 pcs/min

Note: the actual production speed of the machine depends on the glass conditions and the type of article to be produced.


  • complete electronic process control (no mechanical cams)
  • maximum flexibility in terms of range and size of the articles
  • possibility of installing a dedicated gob loading system for production of narrow-neck bottles
  • possibility to produce stemwares with the sealing and stretching process directly on the PBB RP machine, obtaining a smooth junction among bowls and stems
  • electronic control of the movement of each single head
  • possibility of setting the parameters either differently on each single head or globally
  • possibility of saving the production parameters in dedicated menus with quick loading functions
  • easy and quick job changes
  • minimization of down-time for machine maintenance
  • user friendly machine-operator interface