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After Sales Service

OGT has several highly qualified engineers available for installations at the final site, as well as remotely, when installation is done by the customer and OGT is a remote supervisor.

Steps after sales service

Installation on site

Installation On Site

Highly skilled motivated engineers and technical are always able to support the customers, with the presence on site, in all important services such as installation and commissioning of new machines.

Installation by remote

Installation by Remote

Thanks to our dedicated remote assistance service, distance is no longer a barrier. OGT created a technical assistance global network, which is always connected to its customers.

Hot Line Remote Assistance

Hot Line Remote Assistance

OGT has implemented the remote assistance service to shorten intervention times. Whenever possible, our team of engineers helps the customer to solve the problem directly from the OGT headquarters, this means saving time and money, thus avoiding travels. An office equipped with qualified personnel has been set up to provide this service to our customers.

Machine Evaluation

Machine Technical Audit

OGT has a dedicated team to make an assessment of the state of the line, following a damage, or simply to renew it according to The latest technological solutions developed in the new plants. This evaluation can be carried out both for the mechanical part and for the electronic part.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Line maintenance is the basis of a good production yield. A line that is always in good condition helps prevent sudden downtime.
OGT is able to provide a team to perform scheduled maintenance, providing adequate training to the customer’s maintenance technicians.
In order to aid the maintenance management OGT has created GIOTTO system which helps the specialists to identify and to highlight improvement potentials in the production process, by avoiding product quality issues and monitoring the influence factors in order to identify and react to quality issues quickly.
Analysis of machine sensor data to detect patterns, anomalies and identify potentials for optimizing the production process and machine configuration. All the parameters internal the CPU can be taken under control in order to verify the process’s sequence.

Production Assistance

Production Assistance

OGT makes its production experts available to help the customer’s technicians achieve excellence in product quality.
The team is also available for subsequent refresher training at the customer, evaluating the production equipment.


Massimiliano Iuli

Massimiliano Iuli

After Sales Manager
Ph.: +39 011 9343552
Mob.: +39 346 4776709