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It's time for Earth Value Project

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For years our company goals and our ethical vision have been committed to sustainability and to all-round efficiency.
From energy efficiency to waste reduction, every decision process is related to innovation and never as today innovating means going together with protection of the environment and social responsibility.


Developing manufacturing processes based on the green economy model enables us to set environment sustainable targets and a virtuous circle where products and services can dramatically reduce the impact on the environment and the resource consumption.


Our machines are designed to guarantee the higher possible efficiency thanks to the use of energy-efficient electrical mechanisms.
Dramatic reduction of contaminating waste from the machines operations.

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Innovation: a state of mind

We exist in the glass market to expand the technological horizon beyond, so that this is more sustainable for the market and the environment, with the strength of exclusive and performing solutions, always.

Always at the forefront, with success

Our system of values shapes every day our behavior, those of our employees and builds our business culture step by step: customer focus, always.

Universally recognized as a reference brand for all hollow glass, we become protagonists also in the pharmaceutical packaging and mineral wool sectors. Our constant and high commitment to research and development is always at the customer’s service with the aim of creating and sustain its competitive advantage.
It is with this same spirit that we have also taken up the challenge of the Solar market: a new one business branch dedicated to the design of the most innovative technological applications a support of the entire photovoltaic chain.

Take Care

In a world that requires sustainability and efficiency, we are determined to continue being protagonists, guiding and supporting the industrial choices that promote the use of glass.
We have built our brand reputation owing to our punctual solving every customer production requirement. We follow all phases, from project financing to engineering, from placing to technological support. We follow the customer, on a shared way, to organize innovation that becomes a production process.

Design the innovation, build the devolopment

Our expertise is always at development service and innovation in order to elevate our customer business: this is how we build our leadership every day.
We employ expertise and improving resources in research, to design unprecedented and highly efficient application responses performing, anticipating the market itself and creating new product and process standards.