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Opal Glass

We make your glass come true

Twenty-five (25) years of experience in the design and manufacture of automatic spinning machines.
New generation of versatile spinning machine, available in different Sections configurations and customized according to the
customers request and needs or standard configurations so as to respond to any market requirement.
Thanks to many years of experience in the field, Olivotto Glass Technologies Spinning machine has been upgraded to the
modern and high performances machines available on the market.

With the merging of the technical experience and production capacity of ANTAS, LYNCH and LINDNER the OGT Group is
today the largest producer of automatic presses machines in the world.
More than 500 presses installed all over the world. OGT Group can supply any type of automatic presses customized
according to the customer request and needs or standard configuration for any type of glass and application with the latest
technologies for the driving system and high performing pressing/handling mechanisms

The GDS (Gearless Driving System) is the latest development of Torque Motor driving system applied to a press machine. Thanks to the Gearless Driving System new presses series using Torque Drive motor Technologies the concept of the specific press machine model is outdated by new concept of a very flexible machines designed and built following customers specific production needs.
High production flexibility, the forming process can be optimized even by fitting, different numbers of molds.
Different positions for the stations are easily set, even with different indexing angles.
The same press machine can easy work in single gob, double gob or triple gob according to the end user production needs.