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The E series, which features the complete electronic process control, has been in production for more than
25 years and it has been the natural evolution of the T series, mechanical blowing machine, previously produced in over 200 units.

Main features

Complete electronic process control (no mechanical cams)
Electronic control of the movement of each single head
Possibility of setting the parameters either differently on each single head or globally
Possibility of using only one section to test new production parameters
Possibility of saving the production parameters in dedicated menus with quick loading functions
Easy and quick job changes
Minimization of down-time for machine maintenance
User friendly machine-operator interface
Thermally conditioned cooling circuit of sucker
Possibility of choosing among rotary turrets of different sizes for different article sizes
Possibility of choosing among different blowing head models for different article sizes
Possibility of installing openable working tables
Up to 4 blowing pressures available
Vacuum available on the machine, if required
Synchronous sub-stations for stem sealing, if required


lead crystal
solid (fixed)
Working tablesopenable (3 parts)small sizemax 100 mm mouth diameter
openable (3 parts)medium sizemax 130 mm mouth diameter
openable (3 parts)big sizemax 180 mm mouth diameter
Take-outby moil breaking
by gripper type
Gob loadingservo-controlled alternative gob distributor for speed less than 50 pcs/min
servo-controlled rotary gob distributor for speed higher than 50 pcs/min
Headstype Aup to 230 mm article diameterE10 - E12 - E16 - E20
type Bup to 180 mm article diameterE10 - E12 - E16 - E20 - E24
type Cup to 145 mm article diameterE10 - E12 - E16 - E20 - E24 - E32
type Dup to 95 mm article diameterE10 - E12 - E16 - E20 - E24 - E32 - E36