What we do

Burn off and Stretching burn off M/C

We make your glass come true

Traditional and advanced Burn-off machines for hot cut of the moil at highest quality level.
Different sizes and configurations are available with 18, 30, 36, 56 heads to fit with all sizes and speed of press and blow lines.
Innovative machine designed for high flexibility in one piece stemware and tumblers productions.
One machine only able to stretch and cut in substitution of the traditional Stretching + Burn Off machines.

Main features

Larger ware capabilities up to 150 mm (6") diameter x 370mm (14" 1/2) height
New design consolidated multiple drive components into a simple design
Improved Vacuum System
New design gas/oxygen distributor
Cutting operation with fixed or split burners
New spindle-raising cam with smoother cam path
Incorporate spindle hold-up latch included with spindle assembly
Automatic independent servo driven rotary loader
Automatic independent servo driven rotary unloader or disk type unloader
Cutting line height adjustment
Easy and quick job change
Minimization of down-time for machine maintenance
User friendly machine-operator interface (HMI)
New gas/oxygen distributor
Electronic heads


0.90 Press and Bowl ModelBurn Off Machine ModelMechanical Line SpeedType of Production
0.90/6 (6 heads)Burn off 18 heads88 ppmTumblers & Vases
0.90/12 (12 heads)Burn off 30 heads72 ppmTumblers & Vases
0.90/18 (18 heads)Burn off 36 heads120 ppmTumblers & Vases
0.90/28 (28 heads)Burn off 56 heads180 ppmTumblers & Vases
0.90/12 (12 heads)Stretching Burn off - 36 heads72 ppmOne Piece Stemware and Tumblers