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Container Glass M/C

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A New Approach in Container Glass with the ARBV (Advanced Rotary Blow Vacuum process) continuous motion rotary machines.
CGM-7 (Container Glass Machine) a rotary multi-sections forming machine.

Continuous rotary motion Forming Machine
Direct gob Loading (no contact delivery) into the work sections.
Blowing process to form the Parison
Accurate transfer mechanism to transfer the parison into the final forming mould
Vacuum process to form the Bottles
Automatic bottles unloaded by a multi arms rotary take out

Main features

Speed Range: 20 to 70 cut /min
Gob weight: up to 1500gr
Pull rate: ~ 30 ÷ 40 tons/day
Glass level: starting from 3800 mm
Direct gob loading
High flexibility and productivity
Suitable for small medium production batches
No manual swabbing
Simplified production layout
Top Quality products
From Standard up to Premium Bottles
User friendly
Highest safety operating environment
Lowest Total Costs of Ownership


Type of OperationsSTANDARDTAMDEM
ProcessARBV Advanced Rotary Blow Vacuum
Pull (t/24h)~ 30 ÷ 40~ 60 ÷ 80
Gob Weight (max.)up to ~150-1600 gr
Line Speed (max.)70 ppm70x2 ppm
Gob loadingDirect Gob Loading or DeliveryDelivery System
Spout81 DEEP503 DEEP
GobSingle Gob OperationDouble Gob Operation x2
Type of machineRotary (continuous movement)
Sections number7 modular7 modular x2
Finish ø (max.)66 mm
Body ø (max.)115 mm
Height (max.)395 mm