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Fire Polishing M/C

We make your glass come true

Wide range of gob Fire Polisher machines according to end user production needs.All the Olivotto Glass technologies Fire polisher machine are design to feed all the range of forming presses machines. Modular construction can be supplied, as stand-alone machines in an existing
production line, or integrated in a complete package.Olivotto Glass technologies Fire Polisher machines could be divide in three main products family.

Main features

Gas/oxygen burners
Selectable type of function: index mode with pitch index selection or continuous
Spindles rotation system by servo motor with selectable function modality: continuous rotation of spindles during article transfer indexing (this motion usually used for all round articles).
Index rotation of spindle during article transfer (this motion usually used for all square articles to eliminate "hot" spots on the corners and for rectangle articles to allow for an even burn of all sides of the articles)
Spindle holder designed to rotate with a mechanical cam system during indexing to allow for precise and repeatable positioning of the articles side in relation to the burner
Customized number of stations where the spindles rotation will be enable (defined with the end user during the machine design review)
Oscillating frame for supporting the burner holders
Handle's polishing system designed for the articles handles high accuracy polishing including: handles device for article's handles orientation and dedicated burners system
High accuracy servo driven tracking burners. Energy saving
Linear servo driven take out or pneumatic linear take out with servo driven or pneumatically driven vertical axes, independent high accuracy speed & position control
Multi heads vertical rotary servo driven take out. Servo driven or pneumatically driven vertical axes. Independent high accuracy speed & position control
Multi heads rotary take out for articles unloading
Stand alone or line integrated control system
Combustion systems and fine mixing station for gas and oxygen
Unloading servi flipper (90° articles overturning) device


ModelType of functionProduction RangeProduction Speed
Horizontal continuous
Continuous adjustableTraditional tablewareAny speed up to 220 pcs/min
Horizontal continuous and slow/total index
Continuous adjustable or fixedTraditional tableware and not-round articlesTypically from 10 to 80 pcs/min
Horizontal continuous
Two zones, one fixed one continuousStemware or articles with handleTypically from 20 to 80 pcs/min
Typically fixed (option for continuous motion available)Traditional tableware and not-round articlesTypically from 10 to 80 pcs/min
Rotary (Geneva wheel driven)
Continuous adjustableStemsTypically from 15 to 45 pcs/min