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Large Containers M/C

We make your glass come true

The LC, Large Container blowing machine, has been designed to produce automatically huge containers (up to 64lt) performing patented high efficient three steps process. The patented process consists of three steps: blank, intermediate and blow mould. Such arrangement allows a precise control of the glass expansion along the whole cycle.
Futhermore, as the final expansion is the longest operation of the cycle, the third mould has been duplicated, so as to have a higher efficiency of the complete line.

Technical Parameters

  • Production rate: 2 to 8 articles/min
  • Typical daily pull: 15 to 25 tons
  • Available as single section (LC)
  • Fed by gob feeder, maximum gob weight 12 KG.
    Electronic integrated control system, providing motor synchronisation and timing of all mechanism
  • Maximum articles sizes: body diameter 460 mm, mouth diameter 150 mm, height 750 mm (higher heights as option)

Main features

Accurate and precise control of the forming process
High quality of the products: the automatic process eliminates all the limits coming from the manual or even semi-automatic production
Heavy reduction of production costs: the accurate process control gives the chance of blowing containers with thiner walls, that means lighter gobs
High process repeatibility: as the LC machine is fed with antas F20 gob feeder, the gob weight is steadily kept under control
Easiness of installation: LC is designed to be introduced downstream furnaces feeding I.S. lines
Easiness of maintenance and run for operators experienced with I.S. machines