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Press and Blow M/C

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Thanks to their complete electronics process control, simplicity of operation and easy maintenance, the Olivotto Glass Technologies O.90 machine gave gained a leading position in the press and blow market with more than 100 lines installed starting from 1990.
Its reliability and its high quality performances established the O.90 machine as a successful primary tool for the production of pressed and blow tableware.

Main features

Speed range: up to 170 pieces per minutes
Gob weight range: up to 9000 gr (19,8 lb)
Suitable for single or double gob delivery operations
High accuracy gob delivery system with indipendent gob loading off-set for each working head
Fully electronic control of all the mechanism (no mechanical cams) with deterministic control system
Indipendent electronic control of the movement of each single head. Possibility of settings the paramters either differently on each single head or globally on all heads
High repeatability heads mechanism movements
Blank mould and plungers automatic temperature control
Indipendent neck ring electric speed control
Linear blank mould cam
Easy and quick job change
Minimization of down-time for machine maintenance
User friendly machine-operator interface (HMI)
Energy saving configuration


TypeWorking Head (sections)Max. Mechanical Speed
0.90/66 Sections expandible to 1236 pcs/min
0.90/1212 Sections72 pcs/min
0.90/1818 Sections110 pcs/min
TR2828 Sections200 pcs/min