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Spinning M/C

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25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of automatic spinning machines with more than 33 spinning machine installed all over the world.New generation of versatile spinning machine, available in different Sections configurations and customized according to the customers request and needs or standard configurations so as to respond to any market requirement.
Thanks to many years of experience in the field, Olivotto Glass Technologies Spinning machine has been upgraded to the modern and high performances machines available on the market.A powerfully and modern electronic control system, was achieve excellent results in the Chuck speed profile control (that is of the mould) and very accurate closed loop Mould temperature control.

Main features

Line speed: up to 70 cycles/min
Maximum glassware size: 360mm (14") diameter - 150mm (5" 1/4) height
Feeding system: direct drop from gob feeder
Number of moulds: 9 or 18 or 24
Fully automatic mould temperature control
High inertia and acceleration brushless servo motor for individual mould speed and position control. Speed cam profile (multi-step cam profile)
Independent air colling manifold:
  • - Glass cooling air manifold
  • - Mould cooling air manifold
  • - Additional mould cooling air/softened water (selectable) manifold
High accuracy individual funnel positioning system (backlash free during the gob loading)
Mould stop orientation system (not round glassware production)
Quick plug in stainless steel sections protection
Independent sections with back side quick connections (for easy assembling and disassembling)
Automatic lubrication system
Integrated on board control system


NUMBER of mould91824
MECHANICAL SPEED (max)40 pcs/min75 pcs/min90 pcs/min
FURNACE PULL RATE (max)12 tons/day24 tons/day32 tons/day
DIAMETER machine overall3200mm (10 1/2 ft)3200mm (10 1/2 ft)4200mm (13 3/4 ft)
RADIUS Mould to Center1400mm (55")1400mm (55")1900mm (75")
MOULDDiameter (max)400mm (15" 3/4)400mm (15" 3/4)400mm (15" 3/4)
Height (max)155mm (6")
GLASSWAREWeight (max)1000 gr
Diameter (max)360mm (14")
Height (max)135mm (5" 1/4)
Funnel Diameter (max)105mm (4")