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Welding and Stretching M/C

We make your glass come true

This is one of the last machines developed by Olivotto Glass Technologies, and it is dedicated to the production of high quality stemware in Lead Crystal, Barium and even Sodalime glass.
The Olivotto Glass Technologies Welding and Stretching machine can be supplied in two different versions, mechanical (traditional) or fully electronic (innovative version), and in two main configurations, with 60 or 48 working sections (WS60 or WS48), according the type
of bowl forming machine installed upstream.
Other important feature of this machine is the high productivity (without influencing the final quality): infact its typical production speed is of 40 finished stemware per minute (gross production rate) with the WS48 and of 60 finished stemware per minute with the WS60.

The production cycle

The WS machine features two loaders, operated by servomotors, that collect the stems (or discs) coming from the Press machine (1) and the bowls coming from the Forming machine (2) and load them on each Welding/Stretching section.
Immediately after the loading, there is an innovative electronic procedure to detect the right relevant position of each bowl/stem pair and to set the right “welding position”.

Then, after an accurate heating of the sealing area (3) thanks to a ramp of oscillating burners, each section performs independently, thanks to the presence of one servomotor per section, the welding of the stem to the bowl (4) and, if requested, the final stretching of the stem (5), in order to obtain long neck stemware and “flûtes”.

At the end of the cycle a dedicated gripper-type take out (operated by servomotor) downloads each finished stemware from each section and deliver it to a side conveyor (6).


Article Dimensions
Min-Max disk diameter40-100 mm
Max bowl diameter130 mm
Min-Max Bowl Moil diameterfor press & blow process40-100 mm
for blow & blow process50-120 mm
Min-Max bowl height (with moil)100-277 mm
Min-Max stem height (stretched)15-160 mm
Min-Max complete stemware height (including moil)100-377 mm