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Solar Engineering

Innovation attitude

BU Solar break through PV market, backed up by new Team and Partners with a comprehensive experience in solar field and its strong corporate platform.

With the conviction of the results and our characteristic “Innovation attitude”, we continue to extend our horizons and we decided to apply our skills in a new one SOLAR Business Unit.

Thanks to our Corporate Platform, we can provide for a PV assembling line project a unique business package, that does best fit with the customer’s needs:

  • Support for the line definition.
  • Line supply based on EPC contract.
  • Support for the supply chain definition, for: cells, AR tempered glass, encapsulant, J-Box, soldering paste, etc.
  • Training sessions on our lines for operators and maintenance teams.
  • Assistance for PV module design.
  • Assistance for PV module certifications and testing.
  • Support during the production.

These above points make the difference from a typical equipment supplier and us; where, OGT can supply a complete business package supporting the customer at 360°.

Layout for a 600 MW/y

Icone Layout

Automation: MES Performance


Easy to Use
Basic History


Larger Tag
Remote Control & Monitoring


Equipment Model
Thin Client
Central Historian
Fault Tolerance
Situational Awareness


HMI/Common Control Room
Advanced Alarm Mgmt.
Concurrent Engineering
Common Standars
Distributed Historians


Operational Centers
Information Mgmt.
Distributed Sites / Multi-site
Corporate Engineering


  • Italian OEM
  • We have extensive experience in delivering complex machines and lines
  • Project management
  • Partnership is based on the fore front of PV technology

TANDEM Consortium

A public R&D tender has been won by the consortium regarding the development of innovative production process for TANDEM solar cells.

OGT is the core partner in TANDEM among the others:

Logo Rise Technology

Rise Technology is leading innovation in photovoltaic machines.


Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.

Logo CNR

The National Research Council (Cnr) is the largest public research institution in Italy, the only one under the Research Ministry performing multidisciplinary activities.


Pierluigi Terzuolo

Pierluigi Terzuolo

BU Manager

Marco Giraudo

Sales Director
Xiao Jiang

Ing. Xiao Jiang

Project Coordinator

Lorenzo Oberti

Product Specialist

After-sales Service

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1 year

Production process

40 days

following up production process to ensure the equipment run stably
After-sales service team

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Personalized and exclusive after-sales service team

Not only production, discover our selling solution