• Glass tubes for lightingwares (FTL and CFL)
  • Glass tubes for pharmaceutical packaging (ampoules, vials, cartridges production)
  • Glass tubes for laboratory wares (chemical industry)
  • Glass rods


Mandrel pre-heating muffle
Optical device to detect tubes physical defects (stones, cords, …)
Diametes and wall thickness gauging device for sorting
Active data acquisition system
Off-line gauging system for statistical check of diameter, wall thickness, ovality, bow and siding


  • complete electronic process control
  • possibility of saving the production parameters in dedicated menus with quick loading functions
  • minimization of down-time for machine maintenance
  • user friendly HMI
  • in-line gauging systems for tube diameter and wall thickness (for sorting or blowing regulation)
  • off-line gauging equipment to measure tube diameter, wall thickness, bow, siding and ovality
  • cold end equipment for Vello lines


  • Gas-heated muffle (either with lip-block or spout technology)
  • Danner machine
  • Air blowing unit
  • Forming chamber
  • Cooling runway
  • Diameter gauging device for sorting and control
  • Tube drawing machine
  • Preliminary cutting device
  • Selecting unit
  • Crushing machine
  • Final cutting and glazing machine
  • Synchronization and control systemIt

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